Uluwatu is one dreamy and perfect left-hander. The wave at Ulus is divided into many sections, with Temples, The Peak, Outside Corner, Inside Corner and Racetracks are the most popular. Uluwatu picks up loads of swell, and being ultra-consistent, is always going to be busy. To beat the swell here you need to get into the water long before the crowds arrive – i.e. the dawnie is the best option, however, there is usually something for everyone. At low tide there is a long walk over the reef, so booties or reef walkers are advised. At high tide you can literally paddle out from The Cave.

Surf breaks

Ulus: Top section is called Outside Corner (when small it’s a shifting A-frame peak), the main perfect part of the wave is Racetracks which is further down, at the end of the wave. You paddle out wherever you can, try get out above outside corner. When it’s big and high tide, it’s tricky getting back in through the famous Ulus cave as you will get swept past. Just above Ulus are a bunch of good but rarely surfed waves, such as Secrets and Temples (below the Ulu temple). You access these waves from Ulus. They pick up the most swell being the most south and exposed. When up in the Ulus carpark, look left down towards Temples. Any peeling wave you see down that way is surfable. Go down the cliff as if you are going to surf Ulus, then scramble or paddle inside the lagoon till you are close to the waves you saw from the top. Punch out through the “shorebreak”. Or you can just surf Ulus and then paddle your way up there.