Get to Sumbawa by air (only a 1 hour flight from mainland Bali), or book a charter from Bali that will visit a bunch of breaks in the area. With some great budget set ups and world class waves, you will score! This region offeres surf all year round however, the peak swell period is from April to September but October to March can also offer perfect clean conditions with light winds.

The Surf

  • Scar Reef – A long walled left peak where you drive into several backdoor sections all offering tube rides to write home about. Best between 2-10ft. There is also a smaller right hander on the inside reef on the bigger days.
  • Super Sucks – Some say it’s the longest most intense tube they’ve ever ridden!! Breaking over a live coral reef, this wave reels faultlessly for 150 meters. Get pitted from takeoff to exit. No top turns here when it’s on! Best between 3-6 ft.
  • Yo-Yo’s – Catches any swell. It consists of two rights, one a wedge peak breaking off a cliff face, the other a long walled right reef in the middle of the bay, usually surfed when everywhere else is small. Best between 2-6 ft but has been surfed at up to 12 ft and bigger.

Lakey Peak (Sumbawa)

There are 5 world class surfing waves situated in the same bay directly in front of Aman Gati Hotel:

  • Lakey Peak – Voted # 33 in the Top Waves of the World. An intense hollow right & left-hand A frame, with the left generally being longer, the right can fire on the proper swell direction. Lakey Peak has a guaranteed backdoor for those with the balls to pull in. Best at 5-8 foot that holds all sizes and goes off at mid-tides, and the left can provide some deep barrels to be surfed at low tides if the swell is big enough.
  • Lakey Pipe – is on either side of ‘The peak’ a popular wave amongst the body boarders and ‘No-mans’ which is suitable for the more extreme surfer. A short, but very hollow barrel that often pinches shut. Better from mid to high tide. ‘The beachey’ only breaks in the lagoon with the big swells and is more suitable for the less experienced surfer.
  • Lakey Left – Across the channel from the peak. With right size swell and direction this normally sectiony wave can line up and provide deep barrels.
  • Lakey Right – A few hundred meters down the beach. A short, bowling right-hander that breaks into a deep-water dent in the reef. Some fun barrels. Holds only to about 8 foot.
  • Periscopes – Voted # 44 in Top Waves in the World. A fun righthand wave at the eastern end of a long reef that sticks way out into the bay, Periscopes can offer a high, tight barrel over a relatively safe reef platform, and a clean exit into a channel. Only a short paddle out and better at high tides with glassy or N (offshore) winds. Blown out by dry season trades. Holds only to about 8 foot. About a mile walk up the beach from the surf camp.

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