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Another glittering jewel in the Indian Ocean, 115 islands make up the Seychelles lying just south of the equator. This tranquil and exquisite place is world famous for its beaches, lush forests and warm, turquoise waters. The tropical climate makes Seychelles a year round destination for sun-worshippers and beach lovers.

There are 41 granite islands which are located around the main island of Mahé, which is where Victoria, the capital and the main international airport are situated. Together with the neighbouring islands of Praslin and La Digue, these islands form the cultural and economic centre of the country and are the islands which are the most developed for tourism with a range of luxury resorts set amongst stunning beaches.

The remaining outer islands are less visited due to their remoteness but there are two, Alphonse and Desroches which have some luxurious lodges offering incomparable diving, fishing and sailing.

There are some fantastic resorts so get in touch with us so we can find one that suits your requirements.