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From an active volcano to clear blue lagoons, this tropical island east of Madagascar offers visitors unique and unforgettable experiences. It’s one of a few destinations where, in a single journey, you can discover a huge diversity of landscapes and cultures.

40% of its territory has been classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The island offers an amazing mix of authentic cultures from Asian cuisine to Creole markets, from Buddhist traditions to Tamil, Islamic or Christian rituals and wild nature from a volcanic desert to azure lagoons to green tropical forest in the cirques located at the heart of the island.

The island is justifiably renowned for its varied and exceptional cuisine with European, African, Malagasy and Asian influences playing a major part in the dishes. The traditional dish is the Cari and there are as many types of Cari as there are ways of preparing them. They can be made with fish, chicken or shrimps, flavoured with curcuma (saffron), ginger and garlic, with tomatoes (depending on the region), lentils, a type of spinach and rougail (a type of chutney). Often cooked over a wood fire, Cari is a staple of Réunionese cuisine and when local families go on a picnic, they often take their cooking pots along and cook the Cari outside.

With such a diverse environment, the island offers much more than a beach holiday although there are plenty of these available for those seeking blue sky and golden sands. You’ll never be short of activities and new experiences to try with sea and river kayaking, snorkelling and deep sea diving, game fishing, sailing, paragliding, helicopter rides, hiking, climbing, mountain or quad biking as well as horse riding and water and wildlife parks just a small selection of the many activities available.

There is also a huge range of accommodation options to suit all types of travellers and budgets so contact All Aboard and we’ll arrange a truly unique and unforgettable holiday in Réunion.