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Stretching across the south-east coast of Africa with a coastline of around 2500 kilometres, bordering South Africa and Swaziland in the south, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia in the west and Tanzania in the North, Mozambique is ideal for those looking for beautiful white beaches, sapphire blue water and colourful coral reefs a little closer to home.

The country’s wildlife and historic heritage also give visitors ample opportunities for cultural and eco-tourism. Northern Mozambique is a fantastic location for visitors looking to get off the beaten path and some of the destinations here include the mountains of Namúli and Unango, historical settlements at Angoche, Ile de Mozambique and Ibo as well as the glorious harbour of Pemba.

It really is a magnificently diverse country which also offers some great surf. All Aboard can offer a wide range of accommodation options across the entire country and for all budgets so you can be sure we’ll find something to suit your needs.