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All Aboard can book any kind of trip to anywhere in the world! Send us your enquiry now! A few popular places are listed below:

Surfing In The Desert
Posted on by Jarvi

It was 34 degrees Celsius at first light. Summer in Dubai is not for the faint of heart. My wife and I had a choice to make. We could either lay around the pool until the temperatures reached the somewhat unbearable 47 degrees forecast for that afternoon, or we could head 2 hours inland, into …

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Taiwan offers epic waves 12 months of the year! Situated between Japan and the Philippines the surf in Taiwan is far less crowded, more consistent and in a much safer environment than other nearby countries. All Aboard can organise surf packages to the South or East coast or a combined coast trip: Return flights Airport …

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Thailand is a kingdom of wonder. The ‘land of smiles’. This tropical country bursts with happiness, creativity, colour, history, culture, delectable food, stunning beaches, festivals and amazing attractions. Areas Phuket – is Thailand’s biggest island and along with its own airport provides a perfect base for day trips or longer excursions to the outlying islands either …

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Still an unspoilt island paradise, Zanzibar offers an ultimate Indian Ocean experience. It is characterised by beautiful sandy beaches infringed with coral reefs and warm turquoise water – perfect for relaxing, soaking up the sun and experiencing some of the most exquisite diving and snorkeling spots. Perfect holiday weather for most of the year, blessed …

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Stretching across the southeast coast of Africa with a coastline of 2700 km, bordering South Africa and Swaziland in the South, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia in the west and Tanzania in the North, Mozambique is ideal for those looking for beautiful white beaches, sapphire blue water and colourful coral reefs a little closer to home. …

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